05 July 2012

9 Tip of Top List beach wedding Checklist

Modern Bride and groom to wedding preparation is required to list beach wedding checklist

in the days before the wedding and the wedding date.
First of a wedding is the list beach wedding checklist, write what to do in the days before the wedding to remember important days wedding.If the idea does not 9 Tip of Top list beach wedding checklist below will help groom and bride are examples to apply.

9 Tip of Top List Beach Wedding Checklist
9 Tip of Top List Beach Wedding Checklist

1. Page regardless of whether you have selected the necessary services, make sure that you declare in order to avoid your needs including exactly the things you don't want or would not leave no room for any inaccuracy. Make sure the paper and the suppliers, the agreement.
2. Test sign all contracts with vendors and suppliers in their sponsor at least 72 hours before the time of day, dates, menus, websites and their services through their reproduction to confirm. prepare a list of phone numbers; Send a reminder with all specifications and. Make sure that only knows their way around the room.
3. Never questions not family or friends all always hire services professionals. Is a big problem, if you don't like the results, particularly in terms of photography, food and flowers. Would hire any professionals perfectly and can be provided for their work. Make sure that the bartender is not one of your friends. He can stop drunk part without intent. evil.
4. Take care of your beach wedding dress, never try to change or iron. If you call any change or ironing the clothing boutiques. Do not smoke, drink or eat with the beach wedding gown. Custody of animals in store beach wedding dress form and beyond. Make sure that the movements with the dress before the beach wedding dress, the blocked movement and the trail on the repetition. Make sure the bridesmaid dresses have changed in your presence to ensure that it is not too short, more loose or more closely.
5. Always try, used a substitute for all electronic devices: camera, recorder, etc., as well as batteries, just in case, that work, we ensure that they can get married, obtain a marriage license before the wedding and the wedding day.
6. Make sure there is a responsible person to deal with last-minute details, such as participation in mobile phones, nourishing guests, etc. tend to bringen.
7. Children just to ensure that you are on time, try a day or two, a test for the wedding location ahead of time. Get a block of road conditions and traffic.
8. Porter emergency bag should contain: a needle and thread, lacquer, nail, hair pins or clips, safety pins and a pair of panties. To be sure, that your emergency medications, if you have under all conditions. You can include snacks, in the case that someone suffering from hunger. -You late at night to Vermeiden eve of the wedding. Avoid drinking alcohol and coffee in abundance and good humor of the day.
9. The last but the most important thing-never panic ...! Don't let small things disturb and are on track. Keep your smile and use the ultimate weapon: your sense of humor. Nothing is ever perfect, but everyone wants to be. Best wishes.

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  1. Such check list always come in handy...here a 1 which is for pre-wedding Check list looking forward to your updates..:)


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